This is the New Club View you will find on Playtomic

Marketing | New Features App | 13 February, 2020

Everything you need in the same place! In our new update, we release a New Club View. Now, when you choose a club in the initial app’s screen, you will have all the information you need to know before playing.

Enjoy a new experience more simple and complete

Once you choose the club, the New Club View will show four different tabs: Home, Book, Matches and Activities.

In the Home tab you will find who are the players who play the most in the club. You can swipe left to see all their faces and even click on their profiles to access to their personal info. You can also check the recent results of the last games that have been played in the club.

But it does not finish here! We want you to be safe before booking your afternoon to play. Therefore, we add interesting information about the club’s facilities, the total number of courts, their schedules, the available offers as well as three new buttons where you will find the complete address of the club, its website and even the phone contact for any enquiry. In addition, you will also find a map.

Playing now is easier than ever

Who does not want to play a game and book a court in less than 30 seconds? The Book and Matches tabs release a new selector to choose court and time to play and, in addition … They also incorporate weather information! An improvement that will let you know when to choose an indoor court. Book your court, join a level match as usual or… Create it! Be the first one to join, set the level and wait for the rest of the players.

Finally, Activities will show you those tournaments that will be held in the club you chose before. Book your sport now!

We continue to improve the app to make it much more intuitive. Let’s play!


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