Simplify the booking process by splitting the payment!

Marketing | English | 12 septiembre, 2019

The most recent Playtomic release brings lots of new features you will love, but without a doubt, the ‘Split Payment’ is the most requested. From now on, you can divide the payment of every booking by splitting the total amount between players.

How can I split the payment?

Now you can split the payment of your booking in Playtomic

It’s simple: once you’ve chosen the court you want to book, you will find a button that says “divide payment” before reaching the checkout screen. Press that button and:

  1. Pay for your share.
  2. Add the list of players that will join you in the match, one by one.
  3. If they are registered in the Playtomic app, they will receive a push notification to their mobile phone so they can pay their part within the app. If they’re not registered, an instant message will be sent to their phone inviting them to download the app so they can proceed to the payment.
  4. The match will take place whether every player has paid or not. But be aware! Once the match is finished, they have maximum 2 hours to make the payment, otherwise the remaining amount debt will be charged to the player who made the booking in first place.

We’re always improving our platform so we can make your life easier! If you have any doubt, please head to the “help” tab in out app or at


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