Ranking level padel

Marketing | Sin categorizar | 13 noviembre, 2017

Welcome to the Playtomic Padel Level Ranking. Are you ready to be the player with the highest level in Playtomic? See you on the court!

Let us explain everything you need to know about this ranking:

  • How can I participate in the ranking?

To participate you only need to have the following:

– A profile picture

– A Padel level

– Play a match where the result is confirmed by someone from the opposite team.

  • How is the classification established?

The first position is occupied by the player with the highest level. From there, the other players are ordered from highest to lowest level.

  • Are there rankings by levels?

There is currently a single ranking where all players are from the highest level to the lowest level. 

  • How do the positions go up and down?

Each time your level varies, it is the reference point to change the position in the ranking.


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