Chat privately with any player from the Playtomic app

Marketing | Announcements, New Features App | 10 March, 2020

Our new update brings one of the most wanted functions by all players. Who doesn't like to chat privately with that player you have just met in your last Playtomic match? It is now possible! 

Just go to the ‘Profile’ tab and use our new search tool to find any player. Filter by: 

  • Name
  • Mobile Phone
  • Or even add them from your phone Contacts

After that, press ‘Send message’ to start a private chat with them. Super easy!

Chat, send pictures or even your location and, of course, invite them to join your next Playtomic match by sharing the link so they can book their spot.

Take control of the conversation!

If you prefer not to receive notifications from a private chat, activate the ‘Mute chat’ option in the upper right menu. And if you want a player to not send you messages, activate the option ‘Block chat’.

Now, nothing will stop you from playing! 

We are improving the Playtomic app to make it more social for our players. There are no more excuses! Now, the ball is in your court! 


Annoucements, New Features App, Playtomic, Private Chat

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