Playtomic Player Profile

Hector | Sin categorizar | 3 diciembre, 2019

What does each section of the Playtomic player profile represent?

  • Level: 



Once established, you will be able to see the level you have achieved in each sport.

Below your level you will see an indication of how much your level has changed in recent matches.

In addition, the reliability bar represents how reliable your level is. This is used to adjust your level after playing a match – the lower the percentage, the more it varies.

In the graph you can see the history of your level, showing the last 10 results that have affected the level. Remember that the results of your bookings and matches affect your level.

  • Results:

Here you can see all the results of your matches, both reserved and organized matches. Remember that only the results of the organized matches for which you have signed up through Playtomic affect the level. Therefore, the history of the level chart does not necessarily coincide with the results of your matches.

  • Ranking:

Global Padel Ranking: Here you can your position and points in the Global Padel Ranking, which shows all the Playtomic players and takes into account all their matches since they started playing at Playtomic.

Seasonal Padel Ranking: Here you can see the position and points in the seasonal ranking restarted each season, taking into account the matches played in the season: the top three players receive prizes.

Padel Level Ranking: Here you can see the position and level that each player has achieved in the level ranking.


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