It is time for your club to grow

Marketing | New Features Manager | 13 February, 2020

The Playtomic community continues to grow every day! Hundreds of clubs, around the world, are already Playtomic Partners and thousands of players book their court in our app.

For managers like you, it is important to manage of all the players that play in your club. Therefore, our latest update automatically adds player’s information who booked to your database. If he adds other players to the match, you will also manage all their data.

It is essential you encourage all your players to add their teammates through Playtomic. Both, players and clubs, will have benefits like:

  • They will be able to chat each other and with you, as a manager, thought our chat in-app.
  • They will be able to add the match’s result.
  • They will be able to earn points in our Playtomic Ranking to win wonderful gifts.

What’s new with this update?

In this new update, you will be able to reach more players thanks to Playtomic. Nowadays, one of the players normally books a court and until now, you could only contact with this player for any issue. From now on, you will also be able to chat with the rest of the players. You will see in your club’s grid all the information of those who have been added to the match.

You will also be shown the payment status of each player, in case they have decided to split the amount through the app. You will know in real-time which player has paid his share and who still owes it, no matter the payment method they have decided for this: wallet, credit card or any of the international payment systems that Playtomic allows (Bancontact or Swish, among them).

How will I know the payment method chosen by the player?

Every player that has already paid their share of the booking will be shown. If the payment was done using a club’s wallet then the wallet is shown at the CRM tool as well. If the player paid using a Playtomic payment method (credit card, bancontact, swish, …) then the payment method “Playtomic” is shown.

The booking always stays in “paid” state in the CRM although there are players that haven’t paid yet. Playtomic will always pay the cost of the booking to the club and then it will generate debt for the player if there are still pending payments two hours after the match.

For split payment bookings, the owner of the booking will have and extra payment record if there are players that haven’t paid yet. The amount of this extra record will be the pending amount to be paid. It’s the booking owner who is responsible for paying the debt that might be generated. This debt will be paid by the owner using Playtomic’s app.

What happens if I have to refund?

You will be able to refund total amount of the court, as usual, if you cancel the booking. But you will not be able to refund a split payment since these payments are controlled by Playtomic so you must contact our support team through the internal chat of CRM tool or at


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