First season’s padel ranking is over and these are the winners

Marketing | Announcements | 13 February, 2020

Our first season’s padel ranking is over! Now it’s time to recap! 🙌🏻 These were the best players among +110.000 Playtomic users. 

And the winners are…

We have a lot of players but these were the top 3! Pieter, Jasper and Javier have reached the podium and won special prizes. Each one will receive an Adidas racket based on their huge effort. 

It has not been easy for them, however their desire to win has proved itself since 15th November until 15th January 2020. 

An amazing top 10!

Being in the top 3 showcases extreme effort from these players. For that reason, we have also taken into account the rest of the top 10 players who participated in this season’s padel ranking. You will find their names here! Each one will receive an exclusive €10 voucher. It’s not easy to reach this spot! 

Do you want to be like them?

Do you also want the chance to win special prizes? We understand! We motivate you to keep playing with Playtomic. At this moment, we are resetting points because a new season’s padel ranking has just started. 

It will last from now until 19th March 2020. You can have a look at our instructions if you have any enquiries.  

Remember! You are competing in a level padel ranking and global padel ranking at the same time. You are gaining points, taking into account your historical padel matches played. We will see you on court!


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