Cancellation Policy Playtomic Matches

Hector | English | 21 enero, 2020

Rules on canceling your inscription to a public match

  • If a match is NOT COMPLETE with 4 players you can delete it. 
  • If the match is COMPLETE with all 4 players you need to call the club or write in the match chat directly. 
  • You will not be able to cancel your inscription from a complete match when there are less than 6 hours left before the match begins. If you cancel your inscription and the match does not finally get played with other players, you will be penalized with the amount of the total reservation. 

When is the court booked to play the match?

  • When the match has 2 players, there are more than 12 hours left and in the club there is only one free court.
  • When the match has 3 players, 4 hours before the reserved time and in the club there is only one free court. 
  • Whenever there are 4 players, the match will have a court reserved in the club.

Reasons why a match can be canceled. 

Playtomic matches have the advantage that the courts are not booked until parameters that ensure the success of the match are met. Therefore, there are a number of rules that apply to its cancellation:

  • The match will be canceled 2 hours before if there is one or no players registered.
  • The match will be canceled 1 hour before if there are only 2 players in the match.
  • The match will be canceled 45 minutes before the match if there are 3 players registered. 



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