A Complete Guide to Payments in Playtomic

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It is time to put everything in order! In this guide we explain everything you should know about payment methods in Playtomic.

It will cover both players and manager actions during the different payment flows that are supported in Playtomic. 

Split payment (Players)

Split payments allows users to pay their part of the booking instead of paying the whole price of the booking. It allows players to invite more players to a match and that those players can pay their part of the booking as well. 

Players will go through this flow in the following situations:

  1. The player making the booking doesn't have special prices at that club. The player clicks on the "divide payment" button in the checkout screen
  2. The player has special prices at that club. The split payment UI is going to be shown automatically without the user having to click the button. 

Through the split payment interface players can see exactly how much they are going to pay, who other players are in the match, what is the pending amount to be paid or they can add or remove players from the match.

Let's see this interface in more details:

  • Players: This section shows all players that are currently in this match. The first player is the owner and is the one who is paying now. The owner can always add more players to the match using the "plus sign" button. 
  • Special prices: Players added to the match will always pay the price that is configured for them. If the player has any special price for this booking, the the special price will be shown here.
  • Total booking price: This this the total amount of money that this booking is going to cost. It is important to notice that it's not the default price of the booking but the sum of all the amounts (including special prices) for all players of the match. If a player is not specified then the default price will by apply for that particular spot. 
  • Money to be paid by other players: This is the amount of money that other players will need to pay. If players don't pay that a amount will be charged to the owner of the booking.
  • Money paid by the player: This is the cost that the player will have to pay in order to book. 

The player will add or remove players, select a payment method and pay. After paying the player will see the match view. Let's take a closer look at that one!

Here players can see information about the match and the payments status. 

It's important to notice that all players shown in this view are already in the match regardless of whether they pay or not. 

If players don't end up paying, the remaining amount will be charged to the owner of the booking, that is, the player who booked in the first place.

Split paymentn (Managers)

The players are also synchronized with Playtomic Backoffice.

Payment information is also synchronized so managers can see who paid and who didn't. From now on, Playtomic's booking with split payments will no longer be paid by default in Playtomic Backoffice. 

If there are pending payments, those will be shown in Playtomic Backoffice as well. The booking will remain "partially paid" until all payments are closed either in Playtomic or in Playtomic Backoffice.

Accepting a match invitation and paying in Playtomic App

When a player adds other players to a match those player can accept and pay in the app. When the player that owns the booking adds other players those will receive and email and an app notification informing them of the invitation. Then, the invited users can open the app and confirm and pay.

It's important to notice that all invited players are considered in the match while they don't reject the invitation.

When the invited players go to their profile they can see that they have a match pending payments.

From the match screen they can reject or accept the invitation. If they reject the invitation they are automatically removed from the match and the owner is notified. If the accept they proceed to the checkout screen where they can pay their part of the match.

From the checkout, the players can see the amount of money they're going to pay. This amount is always their part of the match with their special prices applied if they have any. They can choose the payment method they want to use and pay from here.

A warning message is shown to inform the players that if they don't pay the owner of the booking will pay for them at the end of the match.

Once players pay, the match screen will show the updated payments state, showing again who players paid and who didn't. From here the user can invite more players to the match if there's a spot available.

All payments are synchronized with Playtomic Backoffice so once a player has paid the information will be updated in the corresponding booking in Playtomic Backoffice. 

Paying at the club

Sometimes the player who made the booking will not add other players or those players might not pay through the app. Players can always paid at the club whether they've been added to the match in Playtomic or not.

To do so, managers can use the quick payment screen in Playtomic Backoffice. From there, they can see what players are in the match, what players paid and what didn't. The manager can also charge the player from here using the payment methods configured for the club.

Notice that spots that are not filled with players yet are shown as "unknown players". Managers can change this player for a real player when they know who is actually playing.

Any changes made in this screen will be automatically synchronized with Playtomic.

For example, if a player is added or removed from a booking they will receive the exact same communication that those player would have received if they had been removed from the booking using the app.

Payments made at the club can be cancelled as always. Just click in the "cancel" link for that payment. 

In the app the player will shown as "pending payments". However, payments made through the app cannot be cancel from Playtomic Backoffice. 

This is the recommended way of working with players and payments in Playtomic Backoffice for Playtomic bookings. Adding and removing players can also be done through the "Edit players" screen but using the quick payment screen is the quickest way of working with players.

Playtomic bookings cannot be paid using the integrated POS system.


If some players haven't paid 2 hours after the match a debt will be generated. Playtomic will try to charge automatically for the price of the spot of each player to the owner of the booking using either the credit card, Playtomic's wallet or the club's wallet. 

If the charge can not me completed then a debt will be associated with the owner of the booking for the total amount of those unpaid spots. An email will be sent to the owner explaining what happened.

The amounts charged to the owner always have into account the custom prices for those players. So for example, if 3 players pay but one player doesn't and this player has an special price of 2€, then the owner will be charged for 2€

The owner won't be able to book again until he or she pay back the debt. 

Once a debt is generated, the booking will be shown as "Paid" in Playtomic Backoffice and no further modification to players or payments are allowed. 

Paying back the debt at the club is not allowed. To pay back the debt and being able to book again users has to use the app.


If a player calls the club to make a booking, can the club create the booking in Playtomic Backoffice and pay in Playtomic?

No. Only bookings initiated in Playtomic can be paid through Playtomic. However, bookings created in Playtomic Backoffice are synchronized with Playtomic if players has their account linked.

What happens if players don't pay?

Playtomic will try to charge players with all remaining payments 2 hours after the match. If for any reason the payment cannot be fulfilled, a debt will be generated for those players. Players with debts cannot book again until they paid their debt.

Playtomic always guarantee the payment to the club whether the player pays or not.

Can I charge players when they get to the club?

Yes. If players have not paid through the app they can be charged using Playtomic Backoffice. Any allowed payment method can be used such as cash, credit card or the club's wallet. All payments will be shown in Playtomic as well. 

Can I charge players after the match in Playtomic Backoffice?

Payments are allowed until 2 hours after the match. Playtomic will try to charge players with the remaining payments 2 hours after the match. At that point the booking will be shown as "paid" in Playtomic Backoffice and no further modifications are allowed.

Can I add/remove/modify players after the match in Playtomic Backoffice?

Players can be modified until 2 hours after the match. Playtomic will try to charge players with the remaining payments 2 hours after the match. At that point the booking will be shown as "paid" in Playtomic Backoffice and no further modifications are allowed. 

Can I modify the price of a Playtomic booking in Playtomic Backoffice?

No. The price of a booking made in Playtomic cannot be changed in Playtomic Backoffice.

Can players with special prices pay the whole court?

Since special prices apply to the player, the player has to pay its part of the court with the corresponding special price.

If the player doesn't add other players, the player who made the booking will be charged for the remaining payments after the match.

So, although the player cannot pay the whole court upfront, if other players are not added to the match, the player will pay the total of the court after the match.

Can I use an offer to pay my part of the court?

No, offers are not allowed for split bookings. However, players can use Playtomic's vouchers to pay their part of the court or any king of monetary wallet. Offers represent units (10 hours, 3 classes). Playtomic doesn't support fractioning these units and that's why they are not allowed in split bookings.

What happens if some players paid in the app and other players at the club and the booking is cancelled?

When a booking is cancelled either in the app or at the club all players are refunded using the same payment method they used to booked.

For example, if some players paid using their credit cart in the app, a refund will be done using the same credit card. The same thing happens for Playtomic's wallet, club's wallet or other payment methods.

If the user paid by cash at the club, it will be the club's responsibility to refund the user.

Can I use Playtomic Backoffice POS to pay Playtomic's bookings at the club?

No. Playtomic bookings can only be paid using the option "quick payment"

Can I disable auto split payment for some players such as coaches or employees?

Yes. We understand that sometimes you need that some players (such as coaches os employees) are allowed to pay the whole court at a discounted price (not only their part of the court). Please let us know in the support chat and we can configure that for you. 

Do I have to update the app to use this new features?

It's recommended to have at least app version 2.23.1


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